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Garden City South Optometrist

Garden City South Optometrist

In addition to assessing and treating refractive errors during an eye examination, the eye doctors at Vision World of Garden City also diagnose common eye diseases, like glaucoma.¬†Glaucoma is an eye disease that develops when the eye’s drainage ducts become clogged, increasing the pressure inside the eyes and causing damage to the optic nerve.

Because of its asymptomatic nature, it is important to have regular eye exams at our Garden City South optical store, where screenings can be performed to check for glaucoma and changes in intraocular pressure. With most types of glaucoma, the first noticeable symptom of the eye disease is vision loss. Our goal at Vision World of Garden City is to catch glaucoma before it affects your vision. During your annual eye examination with our eye doctors, we may also recommend further testing for glaucoma, including a visual field test and a Humphrey Retinal Tomography. These eye tests can help our Garden City South optometrists diagnose and monitor your glaucoma before it advances to a critical stage.

With early diagnosis and proper medical treatment by your eye doctor at Vision World located near Garden City South, glaucoma can be controlled. Though there is no cure at the present time, glaucoma can be treated with medication to protect you from permanent optic nerve damage. Once detected during your routine eye examination at Vision World, glaucoma will require long-term and ongoing care, which includes regular visits to your eye doctor to determine the progress of the disease.

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