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Are you tired of worrying about your eyeglasses or your ability to see when you need it most? While many of us wear eyeglasses every day in order to see clearly, often times staying in the game and seeing clearly can become a difficult task to manage. If you are concerned about the health and safety of your eyes while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, are looking to get more from your next pair of ophthalmic eyeglasses, or are simply looking for the required eyewear you need for your favorite sport, be sure to pay a visit to the experts at your local Hempstead opticians. At Vision World our wide selection of recreational and sports eyewear is sure to have the perfect pair to keep you in the game with visual clarity you can count on.

Prescription Eyewear 11530

Prescription Eyewear 11530

Sports eyewear is about more than just a few straps that work to keep your eyeglasses firmly in place. Our selection of recreational eyewear from the leaders in eyeglasses for specific modes of sports conduct from Rec Specs at your trusted Hempstead opticians are designed to keep you safe and seeing your very best. Rec Specs crafts eyewear for meet the unique and high standards of the sports you love, with lines designed especially for sports such as basketball and tennis, and even underwater eyewear for swimming that allows you to see perfectly all the way to the finish line. Every pair of Rec Specs eyewear includes polycarbonate lenses that are designed to take impact that would otherwise damage your eyewear and even your eyes, allowing for glasses that keep you safe and allow you play confidently without fear of damaging your glasses or your eyes. Frames are made to take whatever the game dishes out with flexible rubberized options and even banded goggles that will move with you when you need them most for a secure fit that truly plays just as hard as you do. You can also purchase your sports eyewear with polarized lenses, which work to cut down a great deal of the glare so many athletes often cope with from sunny days and the refraction of their protective eyewear. Polarized lenses can not only contain UV treatment to keep eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays, they also allow you see more clearly, so glare never gets you down.

Our team at your professional Hempstead opticians proudly carries sports and recreational eyewear from the best brands in the business today. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff are happy to answer all of your questions to find the perfect pair that fits your needs. From Oakley to Rec Spec, and even Maui Kim, you can find the names you love with styles that will keep you seeing clearly on and off the field in our wide selection at Vision World.

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