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Mineola Eyeglass Store

Mineola Eyeglass Store

The eye doctors at Vision World keep talking about common refractive errors of nearsightedness and farsightedness, but what does it all mean? When light rays pass through the eye, they are bent by different densities and curvatures. When these rays do not properly converge to a focal point on the retina, it is a refractive error. Through an eye exam at our Mineola eyeglass store, our optometrists can measure the error in the path of these light rays to determine your appropriate prescription for corrective eyewear or lenses.

During a typical medical eye exam with our optometrists at Vision World, we are examining the general health of your eye, searching for evidence of eye disease. However, determination of refractive error is often done to help diagnose and treat eye diseases. Refraction is different from the determination of refractive error. For those who already wear vision correction devices, our Mineola eye doctor can determine the power of the patient’s current glasses. Based on the current glasses power, medical history of the patients, the determined refractive error, and any additional information from your medical eye exam, your eye doctor can select the optimal corrective lens power for each eye. After considering the need for specialized lens materials, your optometrist will write up a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Once you have your prescription in hand, you can shop through our large inventory of designer and budget-friendly eyewear. Our opticians will assist you in choosing the best pair of eyeglasses to suit your style. Next, they’ll fill your prescription, taking into account any lens recommendations made by the eye doctor and any specialty coatings you want, like scratch-resistant or UV-protection. To learn more about refraction and corrective lenses, visit Vision World in Mineola.

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