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Hempstead Eye Exams

Hempstead Eye Exams

Getting your eyes checked once per year is important for promoting optimal vision, but it’s also vital for your eye health. At Vision World, our Hempstead eye exams are designed to screen you for common eye diseases such as glaucoma. You can’t simply wait around until you notice something is wrong because as with most eye diseases, you won’t notice any symptoms that indicate the presence of glaucoma until it has formed, gone through its early stages, and has begun to cause some level of eye damage or loss of vision. But with an eye exam, we can catch glaucoma before it has had a chance to cause any injury, some of which may not be reversible.

Glaucoma is a condition in which an excessive amount of pressure inside your eye exists. The reason for this is because of an imbalance between the amount of fluid your eye creates and the amount that it drains. Without sufficient drainage, fluid levels build up and along with it, the pressure inside your eye also increases. Left unchecked, this can eventually cause damage to your optic nerves. Vision loss is possible and in the worst case scenario, even blindness can occur. But with our Hempstead eye exams, you can avoid such complications.

In order to detect glaucoma, the first test administered will usually be tonometry. This measures the level of internal eye pressure and so is a key indicator that glaucoma may exist. Depending on the results of that test, others may be performed to form a definitive diagnosis. Your peripheral vision will probably be gauged and photos may be taken of your optic nerve along with other tests as needed. And because changes happen in your eyes over time, our Hempstead eye exams should be part of your health care strategy every year.

Treatment options for glaucoma depend on how advanced the disease is and how much, if any, damage has resulted from it. Eye drops might do the job in mild cases, reducing the amount of fluid your eyes produce. On the other hand, laser surgery can increase your eyes’ ability to drain fluid. Microsurgery works by creating a new channel from which your eyes can drain fluid more effectively. With our Hempstead eye exams, it is our goal to catch any signs of glaucoma early on and be able to manage it with the simplest solution possible.

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