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If you wear glasses, you certainly know they help you see better, but you may not know how they specifically correct your vision. At our optical store in Hempstead, we explain to all our patients that, unlike a standard eye test, an optical prescription is not a straight measurement of your ability to see. The way an eye chart does, it does not compare eyesight with someone who has perfect vision. Instead, the numbers on your prescription are the specific power that is needed in order to correct your vision to normal. With an accurate optical prescription, corrective lenses in your glasses bend the light rays to focus more directly onto your retina. The amount of correction necessary, is written as your prescription and is what is used to correct your vision.

Designer Eyewear Hempstead

Designer Eyewear Hempstead

Whether for nearsightedness or farsightedness, eyeglasses work the same way. When the lens in your eyeglass is curved, it bends the light rays that hit your eyes, so you can see images more clearly. The experts at our optical store in Hempstead, Vision World, want all of our patients to know that truly understanding how glasses correct your vision, begins with a basic understanding of how your eye works. At the back of your eye is your retina, which is a layer of cells that reacts to light. The reaction is sent to your brain, and your brain translates the cells activity into an image, or the thing that you see.

When you look at something, the light rays focus inside your eye, or come together. When you have perfect vision, the light rays focus directly on to the surface of your retina. Because the retina is curved, the image must also shrink, and also needs to be curved. Your pupil and cornea are responsible for shrinking, focusing, and curving the image, and if any of them have any irregularities, your vision becomes blurry. Eyeglass lenses are curved pieces of glass, and the curvature of the lens bends the light rays as they move toward your eye. This helps the rays focus on your retina, instead of behind it, or in front of it. Research has shown that over 160 million people in the United States wear corrective lenses, and perfect vision is a rarity. If you’re one of those 160 million that require eyeglasses, come to our optical store in Hempstead for affordable, designer eyewear.

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