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Sunglasses and EyeGlasses

Sunglasses for your Eyes

Garden City Eyewear

Garden City Eyewear

Many people are under the assumption that they only need sunglasses on sunny days during the summer months when they tend to be outdoors more. The truth is that sunglasses help to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays all year long, including cloudy days since ultraviolet rays can penetrate through the clouds.

A good pair of sunglasses can help prevent cataracts due to years of direct eye exposure to ultraviolet rays. I am not referring to the over the counter designer replica sunglasses as most offer three problems.

First, most cheap sunglasses use a low end lenses that can actually hurt your eyes by making them strain even without you being aware of the problem.

Eyeglasses Garden City NY

In you wear eyeglasses then you know they can’t be perfect in all situations. You have a prescription that solves a problem such as long or short sightedness, but you still find yourself looking over the top of the glasses or having trouble focusing through them for certain viewing tasks.

Many people who wear eyeglasses remember the days of big, bulky, cola-bottle lenses that were not only unattractive, they were heavy and uncomfortable to wear. With new technology, thinner lenses are being created and they’re not only more appealing, they are lighter and more comfortable to wear. A newer type of lens gives thin lenses a far more attractive look. Aspheric lenses completely changed the way people wear glasses. Traditional lenses have a spherical surface – like a baseball – so it has the same curve going across the entire surface of the lens. Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, gradually changes in curvature from lens center to the outer edges – giving the lens a more attractive profile.