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Contact Lens Exams Garden City

Optometrist in Garden City

Many people are choosing to have their contact lens exams in Garden City with us at Vision World. We offer family-oriented service, and like to cater to the needs of our patients. Young or old, all can have their eye care needs met with us. Not only do we offer comprehensive eye exams by our highly-trained optometrist, but we also have a complete line of quality eyeglasses and designer eye wear to choose from. We also offer contact lens exam and fittings, eyeglass repair and Glaucoma testing.


Contact Lens Exams and Fittings at Vision World Garden City

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings at Vision World Garden City

When you receive a prescription for glasses at Vision World, the optician then works to fit the lens prescription to the glasses. Some prescriptions work better with certain frames. Sometimes the prescription dictates certain aspects of the frame, such as frame depth or weight. It is up to the optician to (1) measure the client’s eye, (2) order or create the lens to the specifics of the selected eyeglasses, and (3) fit the finished eye wear to the client’s nose and ears. The procedure is more complex for contact lens exams in Garden City at Vision World.

When having contact lens exams in Garden City at Vision World there are several steps the optometrist must take to ensure correct fit and prescription. First it must be determined what kind of contacts you want to wear. There are soft contact lenses that come in daily wear, extended wear lenses, and disposable lenses. They can vary in terms of cost, convenience and prescription availability. Options will be discussed with you. Then there are hard lenses which are a bit more difficult to get used to, and do not always provide the comfort of the soft lenses. However, hard lenses can sometimes provide sharper vision, especially with nearsightedness or astigmatism. Other options, such as bifocal and color may also be discussed.

Then, during contact lens exams in Garden City at Vision World, additional eye information will be gathered by our optometrist. He will need to measure the cornea with a keratometer; it will determine the curvature of your eye’s clear front surface. This will help measure the appropriate curve and size of your contacts. Additional corneal topography may be performed. Other measurements may also be performed to help determine what type of contacts will provide the best vision. The eye pupil and iris may also be measured. Other measurements may include a tear film evaluation, and evaluation of the cornea. The procedure to be fit for contact lenses is complex, but is essential for the eye health of the contact lens wearer. Visit Vision World for superb contact lens fittings.

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