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Designer Sunglasses 11530

Available at our Hempstead optical store, EasyClip glasses use a magnetic system and an exclusive, patented magnetic technology. These EasyClip eyeglass frames, and their lightweight polarized clip-ons, are made of high quality magnetic materials and fit together securely. Although secure, EasyClip clip-ons can be put on or taken off rather easily. The very functional aspects of EasyClip glasses have our customers acknowledging them as the superior magnetic eyewear. Not only the most secure clip-on, but the EasyClip magnetic system is considered the best fitting as well as the most fashionable.

Clip-on Sunglasses 11530

Clip-on Sunglasses 11530

EasyClip technology allows our Hempstead optical store to offer you eyeglasses and sunglasses in the same stylish frame, with removable polarized lenses that clip on and off with one easy click. EasyClip uses only rare-earth neodium magnets that have ten times the magnetic attraction of standard ferrous magnets. This means your EasyClip attachment stays securely in place regardless of impact or movement so whether you need to read, or the light’s too bright, you are covered with EasyClip. No other eyeglass attachment combines practicality, adaptability, durability and style like the EasyClip magnetic system.

It is very important to the dedicated staff at our Hempstead optical store to stay educated on not only current trends in vision but breakthroughs as well. Combining our expertise, education and experience, we pride ourselves on bringing the most advanced products to our optical gallery, to enhance your vision as well as make it as easy as possible to continue seeing as clear as possible. At Vision World, we custom make these high quality optical frames with matching polarized magnetic clip on glasses. With EasyClip technology you can pick your reading glasses strength and we will make a pair with prescription grade lenses. With these dual purpose readers, you can enjoy the convenience of having a high end reading glass with a matched clip on sunglass. These EasyClip sunglasses can easily be put on and removed with one hand, even while wearing your glasses. Once installed the perfectly matched clip is barely noticeable and your new glasses will look like the best pair of designer sunglasses.

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