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For those us who live with vision impairment, it is important to keep up with annual eye exams and visual acuity tests. Making sure a prescription is up to date makes sure that daily activities such as reading or driving are completed in a comfortable and safe manner. But there are different types of visual aid to help those with vision impairment and there is a method that is right for everyone. If you have just found out that you need visual aid or know you have one but are tired of wearing glasses, then visit our Hempstead eye doctor here at Vision World to see if contact lenses are right for you.

Hempstead Contact Lens Fittings

Hempstead Contact Lens Fittings

Both prescription glasses and contact lenses provide clear, crisp vision for those living with myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, but each method of visual aid works in different ways. Glasses rest on the nose and are placed at a distance from the eye. This is a great method of visual aid for those who may have eye allergies, dry eye syndrome, or otherwise sensitive eyes. Additionally, it may be an option for those who simply like the simplicity glasses provide as well as the fashion statement they can make as an accessory as well as a visual tool. But contacts work differently. Contacts are virtually unnoticeable. You may even forget you are wearing them, granted you are wearing the right brand and type for your eyes. Contacts also provide peripheral vision, something that most glasses cannot offer. If you are interested in contact lens options, then our Hempstead eye doctor here at Vision World can provide you with a contact lens exam and fitting. Much like how glasses need to be adjusted by an optician to fit a patient’s face, your eyes need to be thoroughly examined by our Hempstead eye doctor in order to determine what type of contacts are best for your eyes and eye shape. Since contacts rest directly on the eye ball, it is important that they rest comfortably and without irritation in order to give you seamless, crisp vision.

If you’re wondering whether contacts are right for you, then schedule an appointment with our Hempstead eye doctor at Vision World today. A thorough examination will tell you whether contacts are a viable option for your eyes, as well as which type and brand of contact lenses will provide you with the most comfortable vision possible.

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