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Contact Lenses and Eye Care Professionals at Vision World

Contact Lenses and Eye Care Professionals at Vision World

For millions, contact lenses provide a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses. Like the proper fit of shoes, contacts must be expertly fitted for cornea health and comfort with a Contact Lens and Eye Examination at Vision World. One contact lens size doesn’t fit all. If the curvature of a contact lens is too flat or too steep for your eye’s shape, you could experience corneal discomfort or even eye damage. Here’s what to expect during a comprehensive Contact Lens Exam at Vision World Garden City:

Lifestyle and vision goals: You will be asked general questions about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses, such as whether you’re involved in sports or if you’re interested in options such as daily disposable lenses or overnight (extended) wear. Your eye doctor may also discuss the option of rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses. Although most people today are fitted with soft lenses, some patients with high amounts of astigmatism or other irregular corneal conditions benefit from the high degree of vision correction offered by GP lenses.

Over 40+ Vision: Your eye doctor may ask you about how you might want to correct vision problems related to aging. At about age 40 or maybe older, you may develop a condition known as presbyopia that decreases your ability to see clearly at close distances. To correct presbyopia, your eye doctor at Garden City Vision World may offer you the choice of multifocal or bifocal contact lenses or monovision. With monovision one contact lens corrects for near vision and the other contact lens corrects for distance vision.

Eye Measurement and Curvature: The doctor or contact lens technician will use an instrument called a keratometer to measure the curvature of your eye’s clear front surface called the cornea. These measurements or K-readings help your eye professional determine the proper curve and size for your contact lenses.

Pupil and Iris Measurements: Some types of contact lens fitting require that your doctor knows the size of your pupils in different lighting conditions as well as the diameter of your cornea. Pupil and iris measurements help achieve a proper sizing and orientation of your contact lens.

Eye Surface Examination and Contact Lens Fit: The health of your cornea will be evaluated using a biomicroscope or slit lamp. This information is critical for determining the type of contact lens & wear schedule, as well as establish a baseline for your doctor to evaluate any future changes to your eyes related to contact lens wear.

Follow-up Visits and Eye Health Exams: Maintaining your eye health with contacts. Your eye doctor may place a special dye (fluorescein staining) on your eye to check for defects and make sure your contact lenses are not damaging your eye’s surface. Once you are successfully fitted for contact lenses, keep in mind that your eyes will need to be examined once annually so that your eye doctor can monitor the health of your eyes. Some patients may need contact lens progress evaluations prior to the annual visit.

To find a contact lens that fits properly, is comfortable for you, and provides good vision, visit your eye care professionals at Vision World – Garden City today. We are located at 660 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530. Call us (516) 882-1432 or visit our website.

Sunglasses and EyeGlasses

Sunglasses for your Eyes

Garden City Eyewear

Garden City Eyewear

Many people are under the assumption that they only need sunglasses on sunny days during the summer months when they tend to be outdoors more. The truth is that sunglasses help to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays all year long, including cloudy days since ultraviolet rays can penetrate through the clouds.

A good pair of sunglasses can help prevent cataracts due to years of direct eye exposure to ultraviolet rays. I am not referring to the over the counter designer replica sunglasses as most offer three problems.

First, most cheap sunglasses use a low end lenses that can actually hurt your eyes by making them strain even without you being aware of the problem.

Eyeglasses Garden City NY

In you wear eyeglasses then you know they can’t be perfect in all situations. You have a prescription that solves a problem such as long or short sightedness, but you still find yourself looking over the top of the glasses or having trouble focusing through them for certain viewing tasks.

Many people who wear eyeglasses remember the days of big, bulky, cola-bottle lenses that were not only unattractive, they were heavy and uncomfortable to wear. With new technology, thinner lenses are being created and they’re not only more appealing, they are lighter and more comfortable to wear. A newer type of lens gives thin lenses a far more attractive look. Aspheric lenses completely changed the way people wear glasses. Traditional lenses have a spherical surface – like a baseball – so it has the same curve going across the entire surface of the lens. Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, gradually changes in curvature from lens center to the outer edges – giving the lens a more attractive profile.

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When it comes to your eyeglasses, there is more than meets the eye. Having worn glasses for many years now, I can tell you that selecting the perfect set of frames is one of the hardest parts of the eyewear process.  Once you find a pair of frames that looks good, you automatically feel good. It’s true. A good pair of glasses helps you feel sophisticated, polished, sexy, snazzy… you name it. In fact, for eyeglass wearers, there is nothing more important to us than how our eyeglasses look on our face.  It isn’t uncommon for eyeglass shoppers to try on every pair of frames in the shop before they select one that looks good on them. Sometimes this process seems like it takes hours. Fortunately you can take steps to help reduce the time it takes to find the right pair of glasses.

Buy Reading Glasses in Garden City

The time has finally come. You find yourself are struggling to read the newspaper, the words on a menu or the directions on a prescription bottle. But you can see fine most of the time, maybe even better than average, and they sell reading glasses at the drugstore! So you don’t need an eye exam, right? Wrong.  Just like preventative care and testing is important for your overall good health, regular vision exams are essential if you want to keep your sight, especially as you get older. Don’t settle for the cheap reading glasses that you find at dollar stores, big box retailers and the like; see your eye doctor!
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